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SquishyFacedCrew™ 'THE AWKWARD STEP BROS!' Custom Pet Canvas



They make the best 'ever so slightly awkward' brothers from other mothers. They came together as brothers in arms when their hoomans decided they were both too dammed cute to not own. 

Like all step-brothers, their relationship took some time to blossom. They might not have been totally sure of one another at first sight, but after some good old ball play and tug of war, some epic wanders around the park and some mom and dad peacekeeping envoy missions, they became more like blood brothers 

Fast forward to now, where these two unlikely fellas will share a doggy bed (or preferably actually YOUR bed) and stare into each others eyes over an all you can eat race to the bottom of the bowl mad-dash for din-dins 

They are of course . . . The Step Brothers.


  • A SqushyFacedCrew custom pet ambassador portrait captures the true essence of your pet’s personality with a beautiful portrait harking back to the glory days of global diplomacy 
  • Raise a smile and a chuckle every time you or a house guest see’s your amazing fur-baby as the global powerplayer we all know he really is 
  • Immortalize your pets elegance with astunning custom pet ambassador masterpiece 
  • Delight pet parents with a gift as unique as their pet 

Paw-duct Details

    • Every custom pet portrait is designed by our London (UK) artists and we design them with pet love and care
    • Printed with never-fade ink to last a lifetime 
    • Our canvases come with hooks attached, ready to find pride of place on your wall
    • Will look EXACTLY LIKE your furbaby - and that’s a promise
    • Hand-crafted canvas wrapped around real hardwood (premium grade canvas)
    • Our 1.25” wooden framed canvases aregallery standard 
  • Backed by our SquishyFacedCrew happiness guarantee. Tissues for laughter-crying not included!
  • The SquishyFacedCrew Happiness Guarantee

    If you aren't 100% happy with your SquishyFacedCrew product, we willalways offer to redo it free of charge. We know that our products are incredibly important purchases and often made as special gifts. We will ensure your portrait is as perfect as your fur baby!

    About SquishyFacedCrew 

    We’re a British business who have served with love and pride tens of thousands of pet parents around the World. Started by Mike and Rebecca in 2019, we’re proud to have been featured in Buzzfeed, Reddit, The Daily Herald and over 229+ global publications and radio stations. 





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