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SquishyFacedCrew™ 3D Pillow!

Step 2: Choose Pillow Size
"The pillow I ordered was amazing. It was beautiful. Customer service was excellent. They asked me to send a few more pictures so they could make the pillow look just like our dog. Mike, thank you for being patient with me! I love this company and would order from them again!"
Kim M | Verified SquishyFacedCrew.com customer

What is the SquishyFacedCrew Pillow?  

If being obsessed with your pet was an Olympic sport, we'd have won a triple gold by now.

They're the star of our Instagram stories, proud owner of more toys than Princess Charlotte (probably) and we'll fight anyone who says they're not the cutest thing they've ever seen.

And now you can turn a photo of them into one of these cushions - because who wouldn't want a carbon copy of their dog or cat to snuggle up to and not have to worry about them ‘passing wind’? 

  • We can make any pet into a custom pillow: Thousands sold, we've made dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rodents... and even a motorbike!
  • We have two shipping options; Free on all orders: Ships (post production - allow 72 hours) in ~12 days to the USA, Canada, UK and Australia. EXPRESS shipping: Spend $99.99 to qualify or $15 surcharge. Ships in 3-7 days post-production. 
  • Your picture makes or breaks the 3D Pillow. Big clear pictures taken in daylight work best
  • Risk Free: If you don't like it, we don't ship it! You get a preview before we stitch and ship your pillow
  • Our cast iron guarantee: If you don’t love it when you get it, we'll re-make it or refund you - no returns needed. These are special purchases and we need to get it spot on :) 
  • Want to see how your pet will look before you buy? Email your picture to support@squishyfacedcrew.com and we will be delighted to share a preview with you before you make any commitment to buy.



Why do you need one? 

  • Remember a pet who crossed the rainbow bridge: These pillows make a beautiful keepsake to remind you (or a friend) of a  beloved pet who has recently crossed the rainbow bridge 
  • Time away from home: If you or loved one is spending time away from your pet - school, university, military service, work travel or illness/hospital visits can all take us away from a beloved pet and a pet pillow can act as a comforting reminder of the much loved fur-friend
  • Insta-star: Do you have a favourite Instagram pet star? We make a load of pillows of Insta-star pets, because heck, a pillow pet is second best to owning the pet-star yourself! 
  • No fur or poop on the bed: You love your pet but they have their downsides - they drop fur on the bed, they release some noxious gas from time to time and they have smelly bottoms - all compelling reasons to take a pillow clone to bed rather than the real thing! 
  • Awesome holiday gift: You know this will go down as the star gift of the holiday season! Totally unique, entirely bespoke, deliciously soft and cuddly with a good dose of humour thrown in - what's not to love?

How to order:

  • Pick your size: Pick the size of cushion which you'd like - they start at 20cm and range to 70cm in size. 40cm is our most commonly sold size
  • Send us your picture: Upload your pets pic using the upload tool - Or you can send us the picture post purchase - over email (support@squishyfacedcrew.com) or Insta DM (@squishyfacedcrewshop)
  • We hand-make your pillow: Our London based design team create print ready files with your picture and then send to the printers, and once done we pop it in the post (typically 2-3 business days post-order) we send you a tracking code and the parcel lands on your doorstep around a week later

    Size guide:

    • 20CM (12") for extra small pets like birds, hamsters and lizards. 
    • 40CM (16") for small pets like cats, small dogs and puppies.
    • 60CM (20/24") for medium size pets like cats and dogs.
    • 70CM (28") for any large pets and animals

      Need help? 

      Having difficulty deciding on which picture to use? Or do you have some other questions or queries? 

      Email support@squishyfacedcrew.com or Click here to see the different ways to contact us 

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