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Turn Any Pet Into A Super-Soft & Huggable Pillow

They're the stars of our Insta stories, proud owner of more toys than Princess Charlotte  and we'll fight anyone who says they're not the cutest thing they've ever seen. That's right, If being obsessed with your pet was an Olympic sport, we'd have won a triple gold by now 🥇🥇🥇

If you've ever missed a dearly departed pet, or if you travel for work, school or hospital visits, or if you want to give a pet lovin' friend or relative the most amazing present EVER - you're in the right place.

A SquishyFacedCrew pillow will never replace the real thing, but immortalising Fido on his favourite chair, having cuddles on demand with Bella or a snuggle with Lucy whilst away at Uni is priceless ❤️

Never Miss Your Cherished Pet Again!

Remember A Lost Pet
The perfect keepsake to remember a cherished pet who crossed the rainbow bridge. A SquishyFacedCrew pillow will never replace them, but will give you a cuddly reminder
Take Your Pet With You
School, work, hospital visits, university and more can all take us away from dearly beloved pets. Cuddle a SquishyFacedCrew pillow to fill a void
Share Your Cherished Pet
Our handmade pillows make for incredibly unique gifts. You won't find these in the shopping mall! Perfect for pawrent friends and family
Avoid The Mess!
We love our pets, but sometimes there isn't room on the bed for a furfriend (especially if they drop fur or worse!). Avoid the noxious gas with a SFC pillow!

How To Order Your 3D Pillow...

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Our pillows are available from 8 inches (20cm) through to 120cm
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Rated Excellent by 1000+ Happy pet parents

And If You (Or Buster) Aren’t Happy, We’ve Got You Covered

We have served thousands of pet parents with love and distinction - and our work is backed up by our super-unique Happiness Guarantee - meaning if you don't LOVE IT send just one email and we'll replace or refund you

Rated Excellent by 1000+ Happy pet parents

1000+ Reviews Based On

Rated Excellent by 1000+ Happy pet parents

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Furry Friend’s Doppelganger

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What Size To Order?
Checkout Our Size Guide

Small Pillow

20x20 CM / 8 inches

Hamsters, Budgies, Guinea pigs, Gerbils, small kittens and very small dogs like Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, etc.

Medium Pillow

40x40 CM / 14 inches

Most cats, medium sized dog breeds like Collie's, Poodle's, Terriers, Cocker Spaniels, rabbits and parrots

Large Pillow

60X60 cm / 23inches

Great for large medium and bigger dog breeds like Labradors, Pitbulls, bigger Bulldogs, Boxers etc

We Love Pet Pawrents

We live for happy customers, and thus take customer service very seriously. You can reach put to us at any time with any questions or queries and we'll be delighted to help. This extends to returns and refunds. That's why we have a no quibble returns policy (which doesn't actually require any 'returns' at all). Reach out and we'll replace or refund, until you're satisfied and join our thousands of happy pawrents!

Rated Excellent by 1000+ Happy pet parents

Frequently Asked Questions

You can order in the following ways:

1. Use our website - upload your pets picture using our uploading tool (or you can email us with the picture later) and checkout using our secure checkout. We accept Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and all major credit & Debit cards

2. Phone us - Our phones are manned 24 hours a day through the working week. We can answer and questions you have, and take your order over the phone if preferred. You can call our London UK team on the following number +44 (0)2039518402

3. Live chat & email - we can answer any questions you have over chat and email, and we can create what we call 'draft orders' which complete most of the order for you - so long as we know exactly what you want. You then just need to click through and add your payment method of choice and buy

Click here to launch our live chat 

Click here to email us 

TL;DR - We're operating business as usual, some couriers are taking a few days longer then usual

Here at SquishyFacedCrew, we're operating business as usual, doing our design work and customer services remotely, from home. Our printing facilities are working as normal, and are taking all the precautions expected.

This product will ultimately be made as close to you as possible, in the USA (for north American customers) or UK for our European orders. Be aware that in some cases, when the products are shipping internationally, different countries customs are working a bit slower then normal. This won't impact UK or American customers but could impact you if you're outside these two countries

Feel free to call us if you have any questions - +44 (0)2039518402

TL;DR - We need to know your design style and grab your pet picture - the rest is worked on through our design proof stage post purchase. We don't make them until you sign-off and approve your design

At this stage, we just need to know the quantity of items, the basic design (for example Astronauts or pop art) and the size (where relevant).

We also need your pets picture or pictures.

This lets our team do the first part of the graphics work. Once done with this stage we will contact you to show you your design proofs and to discuss the background, colour, text and other options which you'd like to add. We then work through those and share the next round of proofs and you decide which design or designs you'd like to move forward with. We then print, sew and ship the item/s to you ASAP

TL;DR - UK or the USA depending on where you are (and which of those will ship fastest)!

All of our graphics work, and our team is based in London, England.

Where possible we print your items using partners as close to you geographically as possible. For these products the options are either the United Kingdom (for the UK and EU customers) and the USA for our North American customers.

Printing the final products close to you minimises shipping time and lowers our environmental impact - which I'm sure we can all agree is WIN-WIN!

TL;DR - FREE worldwide shipping

We offer free worldwide shipping by default. This is fully tracked and recorded shipping. We have an expedited shipping option which will show on the checkout (depending on where you are and what you're ordering)

TL;DR - Less then a week after you approve your design

From the point of ordering, the process goes as follows. Our art and graphics team will work up your picture and will remove its background, and create your digital previews. We'll share this preview in 3 days or so with you, for you to approve. Once approved, we create your product and we ship them from the USA. Delivery in the USA is around 3-5 days, and up to 7 days for the rest of the world

Absolutely! we ask that the photo you provide has the pets sat/standing together. Otherwise upload two photos and our graphics team will work with you to combine them :)

There's an 'upload your pets picture' tool, which lets you upload photos directly from your phone or computer. If you have already ordered, do not worry, you can simply email your picture (or better yet, pictures so we can help you choose!) to

We have created thousands of these custom pillows, and along the journey we have learned a thing or two about what pictures work best and which don't. If you share a picture which we don't feel is optimal, we will contact you on the email which you used to order, and we will advice and work with you to find a more suitable picture. We will not just create sub-optimal pillows, and remember you get an approval step before we print, so there's plenty of chances to catch this problem early

This is a great question, and the picture will make or break the final outcome. Below is our simple guide

Outdoor pictures work best - the light is most conducive to capturing your pets fur colour. If this isn't possible, as much natural light as possible is recommended

Full body in frame - these pillows aim to capture the form of your pet, so try and share pictures which have the pets full body in view

Favourite pictures - at the end of the day, these pillows are keepsakes to remind you of your favourite pet, so a favourite picture often trumps all other advice :)

Rated Excellent by 1000+ Happy pet parents