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Custom Pet Canvas Featuring Your Pet | Custom Dog & Cat Portraits By SquishyFacedCrew™

Every SquishyFacedCrew custom pet portrait is hand-designed with love. We have a huge range of pet canvas art, from themed costumes to pet pop art designs. Once your artwork is ready, we'll email you a link to review your design. You get unlimited edits until you love it, and we'll only print and ship your canvas when you approve it. Order your custom pet canvas today risk-free. 

Order a one-of-a-kind pet portrait featuring your furry friend, whether your said friend is a dog, cat or any other animal dressed up in a costume which captures his or hers personality.

We sell custom pet portraits in a vast range of unique styles, whether your pet suits a renaissance portraits, or is your cat more of a royal, or perhaps even a regal style reminiscent of 18th century oil painted artwork.

Dress your dog as a queen, Admiral, admirals, Churchill, Napoleon, A princess, or a Peaky Blinder! Or perhaps you want a more modern pop art pet portraits featuring your dog or cat with a huge range of backgrounds which you can select after we send your preview (You can see them all in our unique previewer tool!). Be it a pet portrait with your cat dressed as a detective, or a personalised portrait of a dog playing cards at the casino, or why not a pet canvas of your dogs as awkward step brothers? For those of you looking for something more minimalistic, we also have pet portraits without any funny costumes. 

All of the SquishyFacedCrew portraits that you see below are designed by our London UK team, and made by professional digital artists using proprietary techniques to SquishyFacedCrew. Our mission is to turn your pet into a masterpiece, and for you to love it so much you tell all of your pet parent friends about us - so order today and rest assured that you're covered by the SquishyFacedCrew satisfaction guarantee. We always send a digital proof before we print your custom pet canvas, and you get unlimited edits until you're entirely happy with the outcome. We'll send you a high resolution copy of your pets artwork if you need it ASAP or if you want to share with friends on Instagram :) 

Pet portraits make the best and most wonderful gifts for dog and cat parents. Everyone pet has a personality and we have a costume for every personality type. And what better than a personalised dog or cat gift? We also have done many other animals than the usual dogs or cats. So far we have done horses, parrots, birds, rabbits, a dingo, a rat and even a Kinkajou. Just send us your pet photos and we will design a unique pet portrait just for you and your loved ones

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